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5 Ways to Reduce Period Pain in Minutes

5 Ways to Reduce Period Pain in Minutes

God has created women with lots of good things, one of which is the attractive figure that puts all eyes on them. However, every good thing comes at a price. Women have to go through periodical menstruation every month which releases impurities from their ovaries. The process of the period isn't just about the release of blood and impurities but it comes with a lot of pain. The pain caused during this period is quite significant and it sometimes gets unbearable.

Women are strong for several other reasons, but the way they handle the pain during periods is extraordinary. They deserve relief, for which here are a few ways to reduce period pain in minutes:

Prevention of Period Pain


Heat Massage 

Heat works as a therapy for any kind of body pain whether it's back pain, knee pain, or any other muscular pain. However, heat can do wonders during period pain. Menstrual cramps cause muscles to contract and the pain caused due to this is unbearable.

Fill a heat pack with hot water and keep it over the abdomen part of your body. Try to keep it close to the skin for maximum relief. Heat weakens the effect of menstrual cramps and the muscles tend to relax. This relaxation lasts for long enough to make you feel comfortable and take a good sleep.

Exercise for Releasing Endorphins

Now, you might be thinking about how exercise can help with period pain. Well, this needs a scientific explanation. Period cramps are caused due to several reasons including PMS (premenstrual syndrome), PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), Fibroids, and Ovarian cysts. Despite all of this, exercise can relieve the pain caused due to menstrual cramps. Do you know Why?

It's because when our body does something extensive and unexpected our brain releases endorphins; it's a chemical that makes us happy. Now, whenever the period pain feels intolerable just leave the bed and do a little exercise. Yes, yoga also counts as an exercise here, just 15 minutes of yoga or any other kind of exercise will release endorphins making your body stop reacting to the menstrual pain. This is a quick remedy to reduce period pain in minutes.

Massage with Warm Oil

Period causes stress and this could lead to even bigger problems than just pain. This causes stress and anxiety that could later result in an adverse impact on your body. So, in order to survive the period of pain and prevent stress and anxiety, massage with warm oil can do wonders.

For this, take lukewarm oil (prefer using Mustard Oil) and massage it over the uterus and abdominal part. Apply warm oil on the skin and rub it firmly with your fingers in a back-and-forth motion. This will improve the blood flow in the vessels near the uterus and will certainly result in quick relief from period pain. Also, a full body massage can be done as it would relax the body and reduce stress to an even better extent.

Have an Orgasm

Even if it sounds a bit odd, every woman feels hornier during her menstrual cycle. This is because your body is transmitting signals to relieve you from menstrual pain. Now, there's no scientific proof of this but according to a survey, women have accepted that having an orgasm during periods causes relief from pain.

Now, let's head towards a more detailed explanation of how vaginal orgasm helps reduce period pain. Women are a bit more aroused during their menstrual cycle and vaginal orgasm during this time releases neurotransmitters called endorphins and oxytocin. These are released from the brain and they directly transmit to the whole body via nerves in our spinal cord. These neurotransmitters decrease pain perception and immediately decrease period pain and help women feel joyful as well.

Drink lots of Fluids

Women often feel bloated during their period, this enhances the intensity of period pain and makes it even more unbearable. Now, women generally try to survive the pain as they do not know how to reduce period pain caused due to bloating.

Well here's a remedy, bloating is caused due to dehydration and loss of fluids during the menstrual cycle. Avoid this by drinking lots of water during this period as when the body remains hydrated regularly it decreases the chance of causing bloating. You can drink other kinds of fluids other than water as well including fruit juice, ORS, Glucose, etc.


Period pain is a serious issue and deserves every bit of attention. Do you know? Around 80% of women feel period pain during the course of their life out of which 5-10% of women suffer severe pain that even disrupts their life.

Also, period pain is a serious issue and many women unknowingly try to take medications for relief. Although the medication helps in rapid relief from pain and suffering, regular use of such medication can impact sensitive parts of women's bodies including the uterus and ovary which can later lead to failure in their pregnancy.

The moral of the story is that every woman deserves to know the above-mentioned tactics to get relief from period pain. This could avoid a lot of mishappenings that could have an adverse effect on their health. Anyone reading this should circulate this article to their friends and family to raise awareness and help every woman around them.

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