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Include these fruits in the diet it will help in increasing immunity

increase immunity


Immunity Booster:  To strengthen immunity, you can include many fruits in your diet. Regular consumption of fruits is considered beneficial for health. Let us tell you that the strengthening of immunity helps in protecting the body. If our immune system does not work properly, then our body becomes vulnerable to many diseases. To increase immunity, consumption of fruits rich in vitamin C is considered best.


Kiwi Fruit- Consuming Kiwi fruit regularly increases immunity power, vitamins and antioxidants are found in Kiwi fruit. If you want to take full advantage of the nutrients of Kiwi, then you should eat Kiwi on an empty stomach every morning. This can boost the immune system. Let us tell you that powerful nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B6 are found inside Kiwi. Many problems can be overcome by its use.

When a person's platelets decrease, then he is advised to eat kiwi. Because the antioxidant elements found inside Kiwi can prove useful in increasing platelets.


Apples- Fiber and natural sugars are found in apples. Do you know that an element called crocetin is found in apple peel, which is helpful in increasing our immunity and also helps in reducing inflammation.


Oranges - Oranges are rich in vitamins. Vitamin C prevents cell damage and can also lower your stress hormone levels. When it comes to preventing flu and infections, making oranges a part of your diet can be very beneficial.

Mango - This king of fruits is easily available in summers. Mangoes contain high levels of pectin and fiber, which reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Mangoes have immunity-strengthening properties, so you should include them in your diet, especially in summers.

Pear- Pear is not only delicious to eat, but also contains a good amount of vitamin C, its peel also contains plenty of fiber and potassium, and anti-inflammatory flavonoids are also present in it.

Guava - Guava is a very cheap and nutritious fruit rich in vitamin C. Guava contains more vitamin C than oranges, which helps in increasing our immunity.

Papaya- Papaya is considered a very good fruit for digestion, but papaya helps in increasing our immunity, regular consumption of papaya reduces the risk of disease.

Lemon- Lemon is considered one of the important citrus fruits, its juice gives relief from constipation, gum problem, weight, etc. Consuming lemon juice in lukewarm water daily on an empty stomach strengthens our immunity.

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