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Make delicious Sabudana Halwa in Chaitra Navratri will remain energetic throughout the day

Sabudana Halwa in Chaitra Navratri

Chaitra Navratri is a big festival for the devotees of Mata Rani. Devotees keep fast by serving Mata Rani with great devotion. Sabudana Khichdi, Sabudana Kheer, and Sabudana Tikki, consume it in different ways but you can tie something new with Sabudana, like Sabudana Halwa, we can take it as fruit, it is very tasty and we are hungry for a long time. Doesn't seem to be either. It is easy to make Sabudana Halwa, today we will tell you about the recipe of Sabudana Halwa, so that you can easily make this recipe at your home.

Ingredients to make Sabudana Halwa

   1 cup - Sabudana

   1 cup-sugar

   1/2 cup ghee


   almonds chopped

   cashew nuts chopped


Method to prepare delicious sago pudding

  1- First of all wash the sago thoroughly with water two to three times.

  2- Then keep the sago soaked in water.

3- After this, keep the pan on the gas for heating and put some ghee in it.

4-After this, add the soaked sago that we had kept in the pan and fry it for a while while stirring.

5- After this, after the sago becomes light brown, add 2 cups of water to it.

6- After this, when the sago starts to cook, add saffron to it.

7-Then you kept stirring the sago by adding a cup of sugar.

8- After this add cardamom, cashew, and almonds and keep stirring the halwa.

9- Now your fruit delicious Sabudana Halwa is ready.

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